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Come as you are! 

And that’s what we mean! You don’t have to have it all together, look a certain way or say the right things – all are welcome here!


You can wear whatever you’d like! Some people wear their Sunday best, some people wear jeans and a t-shirt and some people wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt. You don’t have to “look the part,” come as you are!

When you arrive, feel free to grab a cup of coffee (for free!)

We would love the opportunity to connect with you, so please stop by our information desk in the corner of the Gathering Place (lobby) and somebody will be happy to answer questions or help you find ways to get involved.

As you enter the sanctuary, be sure to get a bulletin from the usher. This will provide an order-of-service and will help you follow along.

We have Sunday school for children through 2nd grade as well as childcare for infants and toddlers. Please stop by the information desk in the corner of the Gathering Place (lobby), and someone will provide instructions for where to take your children.

We have age-appropriate activities and teaching, and our caring team of volunteers is ready to love and care for your child!

Students (5th-12th grade) meet monthly on Wednesdays at 6pm.

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  • Liturgical Worship: Worship at Southminster could be called “liturgical,” meaning that we follow a service bulletin and pray together from printed texts. There is a sameness from week to week that gives our worship a rhythm that becomes comforting and familiar to the worshipers.

    Plan to hear Scripture, read scriptures and prayers aloud with the whole congregation (as you are comfortable), sing hymns together and hear a sermon that helps us grow in our understanding and application of God’s Word (the Bible) in our everyday lives.

    Passing the Peace: We take a few minutes during worship to do what we call “passing the peace.” This is simply a time for our community to greet and encourage one another. This is a very warm, welcoming and familial community, and passing the peace is an opportunity to experience that!

    Communion: On the first Sunday of each month we celebrate the Lord’s Supper (communion). A plate with the bread (symbolizing the body of Christ) is distributed first. We wait to partake of the bread until we can all eat it together, symbolizing our unity as the body of Christ. Small cups of juice (symbolizing the shed blood of Jesus) are distributed and each person may drink immediately upon receiving.

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Know that you know what to expect, we hope you'll join us in experiencing the warmth of our congregation, the beauty of our worship, and the sense of belonging that defines Southminster. Check out our I'm New page to learn more.

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