Service for the Lord’s Day

Second Sunday of Easter

April 11, 2021 – 10:00 AM

Welcome and Announcements


Call to Worship                                                   

While it was still dark and Mary wept at an empty tomb,

Easter had arrived.

As Thomas reached out to touch Jesus’ wounds,

Easter had arrived.

As Jesus broke the bread and the disciples recognized him as their Savior and their friend,

Easter had arrived.

As we bring our burdens and our hopes here to worship the One who sets us free,

Easter has arrived.

Let us worship the Risen One!


Gathering Hymn #399              “We Are God’s People”                       

We are God’s people, the chosen of the Lord,
Born of His Spirit, established by His Word;
Our cornerstone is Christ alone,
And strong in Him we stand:
O let us live transparently
And walk heart to heart and hand in hand.

We are God’s loved ones, the Bride of Christ our Lord,
For we have known it, the love of God outpoured;
Now let us learn how to return
The gift of love once given:
O let us share each joy and care,
And live with a zeal that pleases Heaven.

We are the Body of which the Lord is Head,
Called to obey Him, now risen from the dead;
He wills us be a family,
Diverse yet truly one:
O let us give our gifts to God,
And so shall his work on earth be done.

We are a temple, the Spirit’s dwelling place,
Formed in great weakness, a cup to hold God’s grace;
We die alone, for on its own
Each ember loses fire:
Yet joined in one the flame burns on
To give warmth and light, and to inspire.


Call to Confession

Prayer of Confession

            God, you loved this world so much that you sent your own son, Jesus Christ to live and die among us, in order that we might have life. Forgive us for keeping that abundant life to ourselves, for jealously hoarding your generous gifts, for choosing self-interest over compassion and justice. Teach us what it means to live as children of the light, generously sharing your abundance with our brothers and sisters in need.   (Silent prayer) In faith we pray.  Amen.


Assurance of Pardon


Gloria Patri (Hymn #812) 


The Peace

           Since God has forgiven us in Christ, let us also forgive one another. The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. And also with you.


Proclaiming the Word


The Prayer for Illumination


The Word Read


                        Hebrew Scripture:      Micah 6:18-20 (Page 713)


                       New Testament:          1 John 1:1-2:2 (Page 927)


The Word of the Lord  

Thanks be to God  


Word Proclaimed                      “Jesus Loves Us, This I Know”

                                                                     Rev. Gracie Payne


Responding to the Word

Sermon Hymn #450                                  Lift High the Cross”


Lift High the Cross, the love of Christ proclaims
Till all the world adore His sacred Name


Come Christians follow where our Savior trod
Our King victorious Christ the son of God  Refrain


Led on their way by this triumphant sign
The hosts of God in conqu’ring ranks combine  Refrain


O Lord once lifted on this glorious tree
As Thou hast promised draw men unto Thee  Refrain


Set up Thy throne that earth’s despair may cease
Beneath the shadow of its healing peace  Refrain


For Thy blest Cross which doth for all atone
Creation’s praises rise before Thy Throne.  Refrain



Affirmation of Faith                           from A Declaration of Faith, IV, 5


            We are certain that Jesus lives. He lives as God with us, touching all of human life with the presence of God. He lives as one of us with God. Because he shares our humanity and has bound us to himself in love, we have an advocate in the innermost life of God. We declare that Jesus is Lord. His resurrection is a decisive victory over the powers that deform and destroy human life. We maintain that ultimate sovereignty now belongs to Jesus Christ in every sphere of life. Jesus is Lord’ He has been Lord from the beginning. He will be Lord at the end. Even now he is Lord.


The Sealing of the Word

Prayers of the People and the Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:  For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.  Amen.


Bearing and Following the Word into the World

Hymn 2196                                                 “We Walk by Faith”

We walk by faith and not by sight
No gracious words we hear
Of Him who as none e’er spoke
Yet we believe Him near

We may not touch His hands and side
Or follow where He trod
Yet in His promise we rejoice
And cry “My Lord and God”

Help then, oh Lord, our unbelief
And our faith abound
To call on you when you are near
And seek where you are found

That when our life of faith is done
In realms of clearer light
We may behold you as you are
In full and endless sight

We walk and not by sight
No gracious words we hear
Of Him who spoke as none e’er spoke
Yet we believe Him near







Gracious God, you bring the dawn of each new day. We praise your name for sending Christ with the promise of new life. You scatter the cloud of darkness so that our eyes can behold the truth of your love. You replace the finality of death with an affirmation of life without ending. You burst upon our being with each ray of sunlight, bringing light to illumine our world with the presence of your redeeming grace. As we stand on the threshold of your magnificence be pleased with our worship as we utter your name.  Amen


Let us remember these who need comfort, strength and healing:

Suzanna Farrell                                   Candy Kennedy

Family of Stephanie Rexroat                  Shannon Lock  

Don Dickerson                                      Family of Jennie Brower

Don Rockey                                          Denise Fort

Don Hubbard                                        Janet Coons                                           

Avis Woods                                          Mitzi Miner                   

Dottie Smith                                          Steve Pfendler             

Fran Brower                                          Michaela Myers (Chris Myers)    

Larry Hanni                                            Lincoln Downing (Chris Myers)

Jason Patton (Julie Bosley)                   Bob Walker (Shirley Thomas)

Tom Hulse (Lisa Schnepp’s father)         Bridget Morris (Janice Rockey) 

Chad Murphy (Branden Freeman)           Lily Hiatt (Cindy Urich)              

Mark Freeman (Branden’s father)                       


Persecuted Christians around the world and The Democratic Republic of Congo


Please be in prayer for our nation to heal hardened hearts and live with Christ’s love.


Also remember our members who are in care facilities or shut-in and can no longer worship with us: Bob Lowes, Betty Plummer, Mary Cummings, Don Hubbard, Louis and Phyllis Rockey. 


Please be in prayer for our nation to heal hardened hearts and live with Christ’s love.


Also remember our members who are in care facilities or shut-in and can no longer worship with us: Bob Lowes, Betty Plummer, Mary Cummings, Don Hubbard, Louis and Phyllis Rockey.