Service for the Lord’s Day

Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

November 22, 2020 – 10:00 AM

Gathering around the Word                      

Welcome and Announcements


Call to Worship (WWG)                                         from Psalm 100    

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Worship the Lord with gladness, come into God’s presence with singing.

Know that the Lord is God. You have made us and we are yours; we are your people and the sheep of your pasture.

Go through the gates with thanksgiving, and into the courts with praise. Give thanks and bless God’s name.

You are good, your steadfast love endures forever, and your faithfulness to all generations.                                                          

Bless the Lord!

Let us worship God!


Gathering Hymn #2270                                  “He Has Made Me Glad”

I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart
I will enter his courts with praise
I will say “this is the day that the Lord has made
I will rejoice for he has made me glad

He has made me glad, he has made me glad, I will rejoice for he has made me glad.
He has made me glad, he has made me glad, I will rejoice for he has made me glad

Call to Confession

 Prayer of Confession                       

Sovereign God, we confess that we are not ready for your holy realm.  You guide us toward right paths, but we refuse to follow where you lead.  You love and feed and care for us, but we fail to love and serve others.  Forgive us, merciful God, so that we may return to your fold and rejoice in your presence; through Jesus Christ our Lord, the Lamb upon the throne.    (Silent prayer)      In faith we pray.      Amen.


Assurance of Pardon

Gloria Patri (Hymn #812)  

The Peace

           Since God has forgiven us in Christ, let us also forgive one another. The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

And also with you.


Proclaiming the Word

The Prayer for Illumination

 The Word Read

            Hebrew Scripture:              Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24 (Page 662)


                    Gospel:                              Matthew 25:31-46 (Page 759)


The Word of the Lord  

Thanks be to God  


Word Proclaimed                              “Sheep and Goats”                     


Responding to the Word

Sermon Hymn  #788                            “Now Thank We All Our God”

Now thank we all our God, with heart and hands and voices,
Who wondrous things has done, in Whom this world rejoices;
Who from our mothers’ arms has blessed us on our way
With countless gifts of love, and still is ours today.

Oh, may this bounteous God through all our life be near us,
With ever joyful hearts and blessed peace to cheer us;
And keep us in His grace, and guide us when perplexed;
And free us from all ills in this world, till the next!

All praise and thanks to God the Father now be given,
The Son, and Him Who reigns with Them in highest Heaven—
The one eternal God, Whom earth and Heav’n adore;
For thus it was, is now, and shall be evermore.


Affirmation of Faith                               from A Brief Statement of Faith


We trust in Jesus Christ,  Fully human, fully God.

Jesus proclaimed the reign of God: Preaching good news to the poor and release to the captives, teaching by word and deed and blessing the children, healing the sick and binding up the brokenhearted, eating with outcasts, forgiving sinners, and calling all to repent and believe the gospel.  Unjustly condemned for blasphemy and sedition, Jesus was crucified, suffering the depths of human pain and giving his life for the sins of the world. God raised this Jesus from the dead, vindicating his sinless life, breaking the power of sin and evil,  delivering us from death to life eternal.  Amen


Prayers of the People and the Lord’s Prayer

            Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name.  Thy Kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread.  And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:  For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.  Amen.


                        Bearing and Following the Word into the World


Hymn  #793                                            “For the Beauty of the Earth”

For the beauty of the earth,
For the beauty of the skies,
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies,
Lord of all, to thee we raise
This our grateful hymn of praise.

For the wonder of each hour
Of the day and of the night,
Hill and vale, and tree and flower,
Sun and moon and stars of light,
Lord of all, to thee we raise
This our grateful hymn of praise.

For the joy of human love,
Brother, sister, parent, child,
Friends on earth, and friends above,
For all gentle thoughts and mild,
Lord of all, to thee we raise
This our grateful hymn of praise.

For thy Church that evermore
Lifteth holy hands above,
Offering up on every shore
Her pure sacrifice of love,
Lord of all, to thee we raise
This our grateful hymn of praise.


For Thyself, best gift divine,
To our race so freely given,
For that great, great love of Thine,
Peace on earth and joy in heaven,
Lord of all, to thee we raise
This our grateful hymn of praise.




The world now is too dangerous and too beautiful for anything but love.

May your eyes be so blessed you see God in everyone.

Your ears, so you hear the cry of the poor.

May your hands be so blessed that everything you touch is a sacrament.

Your lips, so you speak nothing but the truth with love.

May your feet be so blessed you run to those who need you.

And may your heart be so opened, so set on fire, that your love,

your love, changes everything.



Great Shepherd of the sheep, you have given us Christ who shepherds the church. He is the host when the table is spread. We praise your name for all the goodness you give us, the mercy that, like oil, anoints all of our lives. As we dwell secure in the sanctuary of your salvation, open to us the truth of your word. Lead us to serve you more faithfully as in Christ you have called us to do your will. Amen


Let us remember these who need comfort, strength and healing:

Don Hubbard                                      Angie Forni (Toni Maio)

Chad Murphy (Branden Freeman)    Janet (Veal) Drummond (Kris Wilcher)                                           

Michaela Myers (Chris Myers)           Sam Bishop (uncle of Chris Myers)

Mitzi Miner                                          Dottie Smith

Lincoln Downing (Chris Myers)          Peggy Smith (Sharon Davis)

Steve Pfendler                                    Don Rockey                           

Don Dickerson                                    Janet Coons

Avis Woods                                         Fran Brower               

Candy Kennedy                                  Tom Hulse (Lisa Schnepp’s father)

Adam Stucky (Marilyn Hanni)                        Family of Karen Hayes


Persecuted Christians around the world and The Democratic Republic of Congo

Please be in prayer for our nation to heal hardened hearts and live with Christ’s love.

Also remember our members who are in care facilities or shut-in and can no longer worship with us: Bob Lowes, Betty Plummer, Mary Cummings, Don Hubbard, Louis and Phyllis Rockey.